altrec timeless watch

Main features of the Altrec Timeless Watch:

Miyota Japanese movement with 3 Miyota quartz hands

Water-resistant to 5 ATM

46x40mm Rectangular face

Alloy housing

2-3 years Battery

Display of the date and day of the month

34-23 mm custom injected silicone conical strip, with anodized stainless steel buckle

Gift wrapping

Convex crystal glass, not scratchable

Solid stainless steel back and custom injection-moulded silicone housing

Of course, a first consideration to be reviewed. The price, this valorizing argument to which the common man refers and often thinks logically that the more expensive, the better, no longer applies today.

Whether for watches or other products, the selling prices charged are no longer necessarily synonymous with quality and know-how but rather with positioning, trends, strategies and speculation.

It is therefore imperative to look beyond this price label which blinds many people. Movements, finishes, stories.
From that moment on, what defines a truly beautiful watch?
timeless watch: Why is it not necessarily a branded watch?

However, such a basic observation would mean that the day the brand is forgotten, this same piece ceases to be valued. Apart from the real luxury should depend on timeless factors, right? I think so, too.

Yesterday's brands are often no longer the brands of today, especially when we talk about Swiss watches and when we know that the vast majority of houses, sometimes secular, disappeared during the second half of the 20th century.

But what about it? What gives value to a piece? We continue...
timeless watch: Why is it not necessarily a watch that you notice?

Because it is obviously not because a watch shines, attracts the eye, or because a stranger stops us in the street and recognizes our watch as more valuable.

On what then depends the recognition of a part? The level of each person's watchmaking culture, their technical and historical knowledge. For those who are not particularly interested, it is certain, a little smoke and mirrors, a dial open on the spiral and they will be impressed.

So the value of a watch wouldn't be in the Bling either? Whew, we are reassured....
timeless watch: The importance of "true history"...

I will come back for a moment to the notion of history, or rather of true history. It is obviously this notion that gives a very particular value to objects, watches too. Stories of watches as tools and the adventures, discoveries and performances they have made possible, but also and above all stories of the men and women who have worn these iconic pieces and models.